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I have worked with the Vibrant team for years with their Vibrant Management company. When they decided to make a new sister company to focus on marketing, I was honored with the opportunity to build their new website! If your business is looking for services in key areas such as Google Ads, Google Guarantee, and Social Media Ads, I 10/10 recommend Vibrant Marketing.

My Client’s Goal

"Create a website that embodies the word "Vibrant". We want it to be fun, interesting, and have a cool user experience."

The Design Process

With this project, the Vibrant team challenged me with creating something that would be unique and engaging in a way that would compete with the best marketing websites out there. I spent many hours researching other marketing companies and award winning website designs to map out a gameplan for how I would approach this build.

Some notable aspects of this website are the animations and interactive properties implemented. I created a custom wave animation that can be seen separating some of the sections throughout the website. This helped make the website not feel so blocky, like many websites naturally do. I also created custom mouse tracking that allows users to interact with the multi-colored gradient background on the header section and footer of each page. As well, throughout the website, certain elements have slight movement. All of this together really help make this website feel alive and stand out against other website designs.

I recommend visiting the website so you can experience it for yourself!

“It looks so dope on desktop! Love the mouse color scroll, the circle with the mission statement. the dropdown side bar menu."
Leah Roberts - VP of Marketing

About Vibrant Marketing

Vibrant Marketing intentionally brings enthused ambition to the undertaking of their clients, while maximizing opportunities in key areas such as Google Ads, Google Guarantee, and Social Media Ads .

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