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Innovations in Sustainability

Valley Forge


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Wayne Aston chose to collaborate with me once again for a significant project. His team has been focused on developing Valley Forge Impact Parks in Fillmore, Utah. To attract tenants and key partners, he needed an exceptional website that would effectively showcase everything Valley Forge has to offer. Together, we brainstormed and organized content, creating a detailed roadmap for the website’s development. The final result not only met but far exceeded his expectations and has become a valuable asset to his company.

Thanks to Carson Digital, we have also implemented extensive SEO strategies for Valley Forge, consistently improving our position in Google’s SEO rankings. Feel free to check it out!

My Client’s Goal

"Showcase our team, tenants, partners, and forms of contact. Also have a consistent blog to help improve SEO"

The Design Process

Our primary design objective was to embody the themes of clean, renewable energy and technological innovation. I crafted a video for the homepage that captures this essence, and selected a color palette of blues and greens to evoke the concept of clean energy. Additionally, I ensured the homepage succinctly highlighted all key points, enabling users to easily navigate and find the information they are interested in.

About Valley Forge

Infrastructure innovation takes center stage in Fillmore Utah. Learn more about the innovations we are making with recycled products for a sustainable future.

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