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This is another website for my clients over at Utah Rainbow. They loved the first one so much, they sent another project my way! This website’s purpose is to get attention from potential clients to schedule a demo of their product. Their previous website had information that was out of date and was not converting well. We worked together with them to build something that would achieve their goals and be on par with the design of their parent site, Utah Rainbow.

My Client’s Goal

"We need a major overhaul for this site. Our old site is outdated and not converting well. Our goal with the new website is to more effectively get users to schedule a demo."

The Design Process

I had just previously built the Utah Rainbow website, so I already had a good idea of my client's likes and dislikes. I wanted to make sure that the two websites felt connected, but were not identical. I was able to keep some of that familiarity through common design aspects like using the same font, icon style, and many other subtle design choices.

I added subtle uses of movement throughout the site to help grab users attention and keep them on the page. The use of the video in the top section of the homepage really helps establish interest in what the product is. This combined with a simple yet powerful call to action is just one of many improvements done to help increase their conversion.

About My Utah Air

Jim & Darleene moved to Utah to be closer to family. They quickly realized that the air quality in Utah was one of the worst in the nation. With their knowledge and expertise in the air quality industry, they immediately jumped into action. They opened their office in Orem, UT, and have helped thousands of families improve their indoor air quality.

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