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Fresh, Safe, Quality Meat

McBee Meat Co.


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The McBee family recently started McBee Meat Co. and needed to get a website up quick. I have worked with the McBee’s on some of their other businesses websites, so I was already prepared for the job. The build process went smooth, with minimal revisions needed. We had a turnaround time of about 2 weeks to get a version of the website that was fit to go live. After getting the website live, I have continued to work on adding new content as well as preparing the online shop to be available to the public.

One notable piece of development I did was the custom interactive beef map. It is an image with interactable sections that can be hovered over and clicked on for additional information. I had not done something like this previously, but I was up for the challenge! I was quite proud I was able to accomplish this for my client. I recommend you check it out for yourself!

My Client’s Goal

"We need to get a website up quickly so users have access to updated information and our contact information. Our goal is to have our online shop up and running within the next couple months."

The Design Process

Considering the content of this website is for Meat Processing, I wanted the design to feel fresh and clean. I sprinkled high quality images of herbs, spices, and veggies throughout the site and focused the content on highlighting the companies promise of high-quality food. I used a bold font, segmented partially with outlined text to give a unique look and dimension.

This combined with other subtle clean design practices, I was able to design a beautiful website that helps highlight this companies high-end products in a positive manner.

About McBee Meat Co.

Mcbee Meat Company is a trusted meat processor dedicated to delivering the highest quality meats for the ultimate satisfaction. They proudly process deer, beef, pork, lamb, bison, and goats.

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