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Henderson Wedding


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For my wedding back in February 2023, I opted to build a website to serve my RSVP, itinerary, and wedding registry. This allowed my wife and I to save on resources that would normally be needed to send out paper invites by mail. It also made it very easy to update wedding details for all of our guests as we got closer to the big day.

My wife and I had been dating for 6 years prior to getting married, so we already had most household things that guests typically bring as wedding gifts. We felt we didn’t need anything from our guests, their presence is gift enough! However, some of our family still wanted to gift us to show their support. Considering this, for our registry, we opted to do a donation form.

“We have been blessed to spend six years building our life and home together. Rather than collecting items, we would love to continue creating memories. If you’d like to support our home renovation or honeymoon travels, add to our registry fund below!”

This turned out to be a great alternative to doing the usual wedding registry. I was able to do the donation form internally on the website and seamlessly connect it to our PayPal.

Here is a general list of items I achieved with this website.

  • Live Countdown Timer
  • Custom RSVP Contact Form
  • Galleries
  • Wedding Info (Location, Attire, ect.)
  • Donations
  • Updates to wedding info as new details became available

It is easy to associate websites being used mostly for businesses, but as you can see, websites can serve many different purposes. If you are interested in a website for your upcoming wedding, get in touch!

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