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Esthetics By Hazel


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Hazel contacted me following her appreciation of my previous work for Aesthetics By Morg. She was eager to launch her own online store to extend her market across the United States. We continue to collaborate, regularly updating her product range, executing promotions, and enhancing the website’s features.

I highly recommend visiting her website to explore her excellent selection of skincare products, each carefully curated by a skincare professional.

My Client’s Goal

"Selling products in online store, directing clients to my booking link for in person appointments, and giving perspective clients a feel of what my business is and who i am."

The Design Process

Hazel's primary objective was to launch an online store, and secondarily, to provide her clients with an easy way to book skincare services. Initially, she had limited content, so we focused mainly on the products she had in inventory and ready for sale. I chose a light and neutral color palette to create a professional atmosphere. I utilized the best images available from her Instagram and the products she sells. By combining these elements, I crafted a clean, user-friendly website that enhances the flow and helps convert visits into sales.

About Esthetics By Hazel

Holistic results driven esthetician located in Bloomington, IN specializing in buccal facial massage and corrective treatments.

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