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Desert Rose Beauty Bar


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Sydnee Cooper of Desert Rose previously had a website but lacked an online store and was using Wix as her platform. She decided to completely overhaul her brand and online presence, including launching a full-scale online store. I discussed with her the advantages of switching to Shopify, which is better suited for a high-functioning online shop with the capabilities she needed.

After extensive brainstorming and reviewing reference websites, I created a beautiful website for her that is performing exceptionally well in terms of conversions. I encourage you to check it out!

My Client’s Goal

"Do a brand over hall, add an online store, and have a beautiful Aesthetic"

The Design Process

Sydney envisioned her website with a tan, cream, and light neutral color palette to reflect the serene vibe of her spa. I selected a light, elegant font for the headings to enhance the overall aesthetic and contrasted the sections using imagery or varying neutral tones. The homepage prominently features her services, guiding users seamlessly through different parts of the website.

Additionally, I developed a thorough categorization of her products, introducing a "Shop by Concern" section. This has significantly simplified the process for users to find products tailored to their specific needs.

About Desert Rose Beauty Bar

Desert Rose is an award winning Denver, CO corrective skincare studio that utilizes holistic & contemporary mediums to create healthy, happy skin.

Developed by Sethdaniel

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