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Automotive Podcast

Coupe And Hatch Podcast


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Few things are cooler than classic cars. I partnered up with Coupe and Hatch to build a functional website to bring their business to life and display a feed of their podcasts and social media posts.

My Client’s Goal

"Create a homebase to feature all of my video podcasts, Instagram posts, and for people to reach out to us."

The Design Process

With each website build I do, I give a lot of my attention to ensuring the website design embodies the brand of the company. The homepage directs the user to the latest podcast episode as well as easy access to past posts. I also added their Instagram feed, which is a great solution for a gallery, seamlessly updating the website on a regular basis.

““My site is both user friendly and effective. It has been an amazing resource for my audience.”"
Matson and Cary – C & H Podcast

About Coupe And Hatch Podcast

Father-son duo, Cary and Matson, are the personalities behind Coupe & Hatch. Their automotive passion goes clear back to the 1960s, where Cary recalls his first memory of loving cars. Between the two of them, they have gone to hundreds of car shows and even more car meets. They love the family, friends, and community they have built by being immersed in the car world. Join them on their journey as they teach, laugh, chat, and drive!

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