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Aesthetics By Morg


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Aesthetics By Morg recently reached out on Instagram, expressing her search for assistance in establishing an online store. She had previously attempted to create one using Squarespace but encountered numerous challenges along the way. Recognizing her needs, I proposed collaborating with her to build her e-commerce platform on Shopify, a renowned and highly suitable platform for her business.

Our collaboration was incredibly productive, and we managed to launch her online store in just three weeks!

One particularly unique feature of her store was the requirement to password-protect specific product collections, reserving access exclusively for her in-person clientele. The end result was a visually stunning website that I encourage you to explore firsthand!

My Client’s Goal

"I require an online store where customers can effortlessly browse and purchase my product offerings. Additionally, I'm seeking a solution to provide exclusive access to specific products for my in-person clients."

The Design Process

Morg's vision for her website revolved around achieving a modern and pristine aesthetic. To accomplish this, I meticulously selected the font ITC Stepp, infusing the website with an air of professionalism and elegance. Morg generously provided a wealth of high-quality photos, notably showcasing the transformative before-and-after results of her esthetician clients.

Furthermore, I employed a clever layout technique by implementing margins on the left and right sides of the content throughout the site. This decision not only enhanced readability but also created a sense of spaciousness and openness.

To highlight her enticing "Free Shipping" special, I integrated a captivating text carousel banner that immediately grabs users' attention. These design elements, in conjunction with a neutral, earthy color palette, worked harmoniously to distinguish her online store from the competition.

“Sethdaniel Henderson created the most amazing and beautiful website for my Aesthetics business! I tried and failed to build my own website which is when a friend referred me to Sethdaniel. I'm so grateful because he exceeded all my expectations tenfold. From how quick and efficient he got everything done, to his attention to detail and creativity, to the layout and cleanness of it all. It is perfect. I'm blown away and couldn't recommend him enough for all your website needs!"
Morgan McDaniel

About Aesthetics By Morg

By working with different professional grade skincare lines and offering the best skincare treatments on the market, Aesthetics by Morg is a safe space for anyone and everyone that is looking to improve their skin or just simply relax and maintain the health of their skin.

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