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Introducing Aesthetico, a remarkable new clothing brand that places a strong emphasis on “Using art as a coping mechanism.” When my client initially approached me with this inspiring concept, it was clear that we were about to embark on an exciting journey.

At the outset, we didn’t have much content to work with, but we collaborated closely to build a store that would authentically represent the brand’s vision. Simultaneously, my client had taken the initiative to engage a local screen printing company for manufacturing and distribution. To streamline the process, I seamlessly integrated them as a drop shipper for his products.

The result? An extraordinary online store that perfectly embodies the spirit of Aesthetico. This is more than just clothing; it’s art, expression, and a powerful coping mechanism. Show your support for this local business—visit the store today and explore the unique designs and empowering message it offers!

My Client’s Goal

"Create an online store that can integrate with my screen printing company for drop shipping. As well, create a killer web design for the Aesthetico brand."

The Design Process

Embarking on this design project, I aimed to infuse distinctive elements that would truly make this brand shine. The client's vision was for a color palette that exuded neutrality, consisting of white, black, and grey. To bring this vision to life, I employed bold fonts and maintained a clean and contemporary design.

One standout feature I incorporated was the use of rotating text banners to instantly capture the user's attention. Additionally, I invested in a premium theme that offers the unique capability of a dynamic light/dark mode for the entire website. This innovative feature, not commonly found, is poised to enhance user engagement significantly.

The result is a website that not only reflects the brand's essence but also stands out in terms of aesthetics and user experience. It's all about pushing boundaries and making an impact!

“Sethdaniel did an amazing job on my website. I have friends that have started their own business and try to develop their own website and when they see mine, they see the value in investing in themselves with a professional designer like Sethdaniel. I couldn't be more satisfied."

About Aesthetico

Discover clothing that goes beyond the surface, where art becomes a powerful tool for coping and self-expression. Explore our collection and experience the healing embrace of creativity.

Developed by Sethdaniel

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